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Secure storage, sharing and collaboration

Where are my files?

Organizations are losing control over files and e-mails. Documents are saved in applications, (free)
cloud storage services and fileshares.

How to keep in control of files, especially with the current GDPR-law? Losing the control is something
than can cause a lot of damage to the company.

Search, version control and share.

Do your colleagues or external people work with the same version of the file? How do I find the right version? Only two options remain:
1. You send an e-mail with every update
2. You use an online storage service and share the document with a link

Either way you immediately lose control after sending. We think there is a better way: FileShare

Your Benefits


FileShare has some unique functionalities. Functionalities which can be divided in saving, sharing and collaborating. Get the FileShare feeling and have a look at the videos. With the CC option you can see the English captions.


A quick return on investment


€ 1,60

per user, per month
Only your own employees, minimum of 20 users.


€ 2,90

per user, per month
Minimum of 20 users and 4GB storage per user. Extra storage cost € 0,08 per GB.


€ 1.150

Installation, create one document folder and labels of your choice.


Use FileShare and make sure that you work GDPR-proof. We are convinced that only implementing procedures will not solve the essential problem.
We believe in one system helping users to work carefully with confidential data. That is the principle of FileShare.

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